So, after researching a bit about the most plausible direction that rocket propulsion is headed, I found it that it’s all bad news, and that we really suck at moving shit around quickly in an efficient manner.

In order for me to include any piece of technology in my sci-fi-ish novel, it has to be rather plausible that we’ll figure out how to do it in the next four-thousand years. Any kind of quick propulsion is extremely dependent on “new principles of physics that have yet to be realized.” I don’t like this at all, and it kind of puts a huge wall up in terms of writing about propulsion that seems plausible at this time. I’ll be fucked if I’m just going to drop in warp drive and say we figured out physics in a few thousand years.

So, right now the closest thing I have is highly efficient version of an nuclear powered electromagnetic thruster. Luckily, the faction that is in need of all this thrusting, is well equipt with alchemy knowledge and can create plutonium through bacteria synthesis. This has already been done with gold at the present day, and I believe it’s not too far off that humanity could synthesis plutonium through a similar process in the distant future.

Of course, it would be ideal if this faction could use cold fusion power, but it should be noted that the opposing faction has been protecting the knowledge of effective fusion power, and thus, they’re stuck with shitty fission power like we are today.

On a related note, I recently discovered this new space-shooter game by the same dude that made Freelancer, it’s called Star Citizen and it looks fucking amazing.